Door to Prosperity

A powerful program that challenges women to rethink their relationship with money and
coaches them on how to take control of their finances and their lives -- with confidence.

6 out of 10

Women report worrying
about money.1, 2


Of women say they're confident in all areas of their finances.3


The age women are least confident about money.1, 2

"My purpose is to cause a cultural shift in the way women are thought of and in the way women approach financial freedom."

Michelle Brennan Hall is a proven wealth advisor with decades of experience in optimizing investors' net worth and guiding their financial decisions. Her specialty is in personal wealth strategies for executives, physicians, business owners and retirees. Michelle is especially recognized for her dedication to women's financial independence. She authored the pivotal "Women and Money" report in 2016 after sponsoring a national survey on the modern female's experience with finances.

Door to Prosperity begins with helping women understand their current financial situation more clearly, articulate their longer-term aspirations. From there, the program helps each woman set realistic goals, create a plan with achievable milestones, and develop a strategy for reaching them. With the right incentives and a strong vision in mind, women can map a financial path that empowers them to recognize their worth -- and live well.

Why do women need to take control of their own financial future?

After divorce, women's household income tends to fall by an average of 41 percent — almost double the loss men experience.4

Over time, women are more likely to be the sole supporters of children or aging parents, so what money they have is often used for day-to-day living expenses, versus retirement income.

In addition, women tend to outlive men by 5 to 7 years — so whatever money they've put aside needs to stretch even longer.

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